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The team


Amine Thaleb

  • Amine

Avant-garde and visionary, he founded his transport company to then reinject the profits into the XPERT company which he created and then franchised.

He is now at the head of several centers, diversifying into the world of automobiles and mechanics. He brings his business expertise to the development of their channel

fast-food vegan Naked Burger as well as for all of their festive restaurants: Kalamata,

Yacatan as well as their latest, Giulia.


Rayan Mekouar

  • rayan mekouar

Graduated from ESSEC, a business school, he founded two companies in the field of events, communication and marketing.

digital “Entourage Paris & Nox Event. Being still at the head of the latter, he decided to move towards the restoration where he was in charge of the administrative part, development and finances.


Alix Rodriguez

  • Alix Rodriguez

Owner of the Jazzbar Le Baiser Salé, in the heart of the Châtelet district since 1983. Organizing

up to 3 concerts per evening, this institution is always full throughout the week. born in the middle

music, Alix wasted no time in taking the lead in many major Parisian events, going as far as to create his own event group. He manages the customer network, communication and artistic direction of the group.


Theodore Charoy

  • theodore charoy

Alumni of the Hotel School of Les Roches in Switzerland, he moved to Asia and America for ten years, before returning to Europe to run the famous Peruvian restaurant in London, Monaco and then Paris. He takes advantage of the Covid to join his new partners in the Naked Burger and Kalamata project. With a professional background from the restaurant industry, he brings his expertise to the group.


Roman Saharany

  • Instagram

After a long experience in the most beautiful places of the capital as a VIP HOST, he founded with his associates a group creating brands such as Fresh touch and Lalaland, where he brings his artistic touch and his luxury marketing expertise. In 2020, he worked on the interior architecture of the famous Deflower club, imagining with his team a whole concept around music and women, hyper Instagrammable. In the logical sequence, he therefore took over the creative direction of Kalamata and Naked burger, of which he is also a shareholder.

One life Group

“Our know-how blends authentic catering with the essence of our DNA,

namely, the sense of celebration. »

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